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Historic Weld area Photographs in the Library of Congress

Looking west, this was taken across Center Hill Road from what is today the Mount Blue State Park headquarters/park manager’s house. The mountains in the distance are in the Tumbledown range, from left to right Tumbledown (three small humps), Little Jackson, and Jackson Mountains. The house at the edge of the field, a log cabin, was built in 1932 and had four owners before the current owner , Rusty Lee, bought it around thirty years ago. Lee worked briefly for the park around 1942 and is one of Weld’s “historians.”


Taken from the same place, looking south over Weld village and Webb Lake towards Dixfield, with its distinctive Sugarloaf (the small pointed mountain to the left of the lake).  The field is a popular blueberrying destination.


Looking west along what is now Maine Rt 156 towards “Twin Pines,” with West Mtn and the Tumbledown range in the distance. According to the late Earland Masterman, another Weld historian and lifelong resident who was in his 80s when I spoke with him around 2002, the road was paved in 1935 or 36.  At the time I spoke with him he lived within a few hundred feet of where this photo was taken.  Because of the open fields and farms “you could see the pines as soon as you came down past the spring.”  For many years the camp at these pines had the sign "Twin Pines."


Mount Blue, looking easterly from the Buker farm off Temple Road, according to both Lee & Masterman. This is all grown to woods now.




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