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Historic Weld area Photographs in the Library of Congress

These photos are in the Library of Congress’ FSA/OWI (Farm Security Administration/ Office of War Information) black & white collection, the same collection that has photos by such famous photographers as Dorothea Lange. They can be viewed on the Library’s internet site (go to Prints & Photographs Division and look for FSA/OWI, or search on one of the numbers below).  All four were taken in Weld, Maine in the early - mid 1930s.

As part of an effort to provide relief to distressed rural areas during the Great Depression, the federal government bought land in Weld in the 1930s; it subsequently gave it to the state for a park. WPA or CCC crews built shelters & roads (see ca 1940 photographs in the pamphlet “Mountain Climbing in Maine” (MCM). A photographer might have been sent at that time to document the area.

The photos were not identified as to either location or photographer when by chance I found them. I wonder whether there may be other untitled photos of this area in the Library, or if these are unique. Dianna Farnham spoke with Rusty Lee about the photos, and I spoke with Earland Masterman. (Revised 2013 Conrad Heeschen)

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Mountain Climbing in Maine

This pamphlet was put out around 1940 by the Maine Development Commission.  It prominently features several views of what is now Mt Blue State Park and the work recently completed there.  Opposite page 1 we see the new road up to the Center Hill overlook, with Tumbledown in the distance.  Extensive open fields are visible along Center Hill Road below.  On page 62 (bottom photo) we see the new shelter and parking lot, again set against the Tumbledown range.  Look at those new cars!  The photo on page 6 shows the  new overlook across Center Hill Road from park headquarters and the field so popular with blueberryers today.  Also of interest is the view of Tumbledown from the west, somewhere along the Byron Notch Road (page 9), an open view impossible today.

We thought it might be interesting for you to read the old trail descriptions too.  Note the mentions of landmarks now missing, as well as now grown up fields, and the evolution of the name of Parker Ridge.  But don't use these for trail directions – use a current guide.


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Jay Woolsey's 1972 winter hike up Tumbledown

Tumbledown and pond from Parker Ridge. Those are people down on the pond!
(Jay Woolsey photo, ca 1972)


Contributed Photo Galleries

If you would like your photos of the Mt. Blue-Tumbledown Region to be considered for inclusion here, please submit them to info@tumbledown.org


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