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The Weld Region

Tumbledown Mt

And nestled within this bowl the beautiful little village of Weld, its lake and mountains offering unparalleled recreation opportunities as well as a source of quiet contemplation.

Mount Blue and Tumbledown lie within the western mountains of Maine's ten million acre northern forest.  Spectacular peaks, popular hiking trails, productive forests, alpine ponds, important wildlife habitat and Webb Lake define this unique area.

Less than a day's drive from 70 million people in the northeast and just hours from Boston and most of Maine's population, the region is increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts and is also popular as a second home and vacation destination.

Tumbledown and Little Jackson Mountains in Township 6 are some of the area's gems, offering great day hiking and vistas.   Tumbledown Mountain is one of Maine's outstanding summits.  Just the mention of Tumbledown conjures up a vision of stunning alpine scenery, a jewel of a high mountain pond, popular hiking trails, beautiful Webb Lake lying at the center of its mountain-rimmed basin, and Mt Blue State Park.

in winter from Lake Webb

Mount Blue State Park
At over 8,200 acres second only to Baxter State Park in size, this park is the heart of the region and provides an important base of protected public land and wildlife habitat.  Mount Blue has much to offer: camping, hiking, nature trails, spectacular views, boating, hunting and fishing, and a wonderful beach.  Over 60,000 people each year visit and enjoy Mt. Blue State Park.  Outdoor magazine in 1999 called it one of the ten best family vacation destinations in the country.

Webb Lake
One of the most attractive lakes in Maine for boating or just visiting, 4½ miles long by 1½ miles wide, Webb Lake is never crowded.  Eagles nest on its shores and ospreys and loons are regularly present.  Webb Lake is at the center of nearly every view from the surrounding mountains. 





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