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There are four major trail areas in the Weld region:

  • Mt Blue Trail
  • Park headquarters on Center Hill Road, including snowmobile, multi-use, equestrian, ski and snowshoe trails,
  • Tumbledown range trails
  • Bald Mountain. 

This last, as well as parts of the Blueberry Mountain, Little Jackson, and Parker Ridge trails are still on privately owned land.  Some of the headquarters trails connect to Center Hill and the base of Mt Blue, and the snowmobile trail connects with the statewide ITS.  There is also a nature trail at Center Hill, with spectacular views, as well as trails at the campground section of the park.  A new communication tower on Mt Blue has a viewing platform.

  DOC Map of the Weld Region (click)
  Printable Hiking Map of Tumbledown (click)

Trail Work
If you have been to Tumbledown in the past few years you know that the Brook Trail has been reconstructed; in some places years of erosion required rerouting of the trail.   This was done by the Maine Conservation Corps, which the State also hired to work on the Parker Ridge Trail and on the Little Jackson Trail in 2012. A link to these last two trails has been created from the start of the Brook Trail, although you can still reach them via the Morgan Road.  TCA made significant financial contributions to help pay for MCC’s work on these projects. 

Trail Etiquette
Click here for a guide to trail etiquette

  Tumbledown Pond – respite on a hot day Tumbledown Pond – respite on a hot day

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